Can I cancel my order?

You may amend or cancel your order for any reason, provided that you contact us before your order is dispatched. After shipment, you can return the product(s) you received if you wish to. In case that you changed your mind after shipment and you do not want to receive your order, please contact us at Tel:+30 2102838222 or [email protected] so that we retrieve it.

How can I return my order?

In order to simplify the process of product returns, we have introduced a personalized return note that you will find included in every package sent from All you have to do is carefully read the instructions, fill in the necessary information and send it back to mat fashion in no later than 10 working days from the date of receipt. You can find further information about the available return methods and charges below.

In order to return one or more products, you have to make sure they are inside their original packaging in perfect condition, without any of their special labels (tags) removed. The product(s) should necessarily be accompanied by the sales receipt, as well as the completed special return note, which you can find inside the packaging of your order.

Return address: MAT FASHION, Attiki Odos & Posidonos, 14451, Metamorfosi, Tel: +30 2102838222.

Can I return earrings, shapewear, underwear or swimwear products?

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not offer any refunds or accept any returns on beauty products, earrings, underwear, shapewear or swimwear and protection masks. Besides, shapewear products have the tendency to maintain the specific body shape of the wearer, therefore they cannot be returned.

All of our products are made to an exceptional standard. However, if you find a genuine manufacturing defect in the products you have received, you can return the product within 10 working days, after contacting our Customer Service team.

If you wish to return the shoes you ordered, please make sure that they are unused, inside their initial packaging in excellent condition.

How much does it cost to return a product?

You can return any products you wish at your own cost. Return shipping costs amount to €3. Please send your products back to mat. fashion via Geniki Taxydromiki exclusively, contacting us in order to subtract the return costs from your next order.

Return shipping costs amount to €15. You can return any products you wish via Geniki Taxydromiki exclusively, contacting us in order to subtract the return costs from your next order.

Please visit to arrange a pickup of the package you want to return.

My order was cancelled / returned. When will I get a refund?

The amount will be refunded via the payment method you had selected. The time required to complete the refund depends on the payment method. If you pay by debit card, then we will try to process your refund as soon as possible. Kindly note that we may need up to 14 working days to process the request.

If we have not received payment from your account yet (usually when you pay by credit card), but the amount has been retained by your bank or card issuer, then we could simply cancel the transaction. Alternatively, this amount can be credited to your account and be available anytime for a new order.

Refunds take place via Eurobank or Bank PIRAEUS. In case you have chosen another bank institution, please be aware of the potential transfer costs of your bank.

I have received a faulty product. What should I do?

It is advisable to check all items of your order when received. If you find that the product has a defect, you should return it in its original packaging and without any special labels (tags) removed. The product should necessarily be accompanied by the sales receipt and the special return note completed by you (you'll find it inside the packaging).

When the product is returned to the company, it will pass through detailed quality control to confirm the issue. In case a defect is detected, we will contact you to offer a replacement or, alternatively, a refund.

Can I exchange one product with another?

You can exchange one product with another for any reason.

If you wish to replace a product due to company's error (e.g. you have been sent the wrong product etc.), then we will bear the full cost of the return and replacement. If you wish to replace a product for personal reasons (e.g. not ordered the right size), the cost of return is your responsibility.

If the product for replacement is not available, we will contact you to suggest an alternative. Otherwise, we will reimburse you or the amount will be credited to your name for future orders.